M&Co Style Bar Makeup Education

We would love to show you our tips and tricks in the hope that you take them away and incorporate them into your own applications. 

In our sessions, we provide complimentary bubbles and a digital booklet. The online booklet includes written step-by-steps, face-maps, product recommendations and some helpful makeup diagrams & information.

Please contact us via the inquiry form.

One-on-One Lesson

In the fabulous surrounds of M&Co Style Bar, one of our artists will have a consultation about your desired outcome from the lesson. You come in with a learning criteria and your personal kit, and your artist will take it from there.

We will spend approx. 2hrs going through a look from start to finish covering as much of your learning criteria as time allows.

This can be booked for Hair or Makeup. Time will not allow for both.

$200 for a two hour session.


Two-on-One Lesson

Bring your bestie and you can learn together! 

There are a few ways for you to learn from this lesson. Depending on your learning criteria, your artist will apply a half face to both of you, and you will complete the other half on your own face, or your besties.

Bring your personal kits and as many questions as you like along to this session.

This can be booked for Hair or Makeup. Time will not allow for both.

$150 per person for a two hour session.


Group Workshop

A look-and-learn setting; we will demonstrate a look on a model. 

You can request a look to be demonstrated, or leave it in the hands of your teacher.

We can cover a makeup look, hair style or something creative. Just tell us what you want to see, and we will make it happen!

This is fun idea for a birthday or hens day!

$40 per person for a 1.5-2 hour session; minimum of 10 people per session.