Lash Tint $30

Everyday lash definition from the moment you wake up!

Lash Lift $75

Everyday wide-eyed goodness from the moment you wake up.

Lash Lift & Tint $95

You guessed it, this service will give you the ultimate lash pop.


Brow Tint $30

Our brow tints are perfect for those who love a softer more 'lived in' brow effect with a wide range of colours to find your perfect match. Lasting up to 3 days on the skin and 4 weeks on the hair.

Brow Henna $45

Brow henna is for those who want anything from a soft brow to a more pronounced and structured brow. With 8 colours in the range, there is something for everyone as we can customise and mix to create the perfect colour for you. The henna will last up to 5 days on the skin and 6 weeks on the hair. This is the longer lasting version of a tint!

Brow Shape $45

Our brow techs believe in tweezing & trimming to create your dream brow. Please note that we do not offer eyebrow waxing or threading.

Brow Shape & Tint $65

Brow Shape & Henna $80

Brow & Lash Package

Pop Those Peepers $150

Come and get pampered by us for one hour. Our most loved service which includes Brow Shape & Hybrid Tint + Lash Lift & Tint.

Hair Removal

Lip Wax $17

Moe no mo'. This service is $10 if added onto any brow or lash service and the price will be altered from our end upon receiving your online booking.

Dermaplaning $90

This service is fabulous for those that want to remove facial peach fuzz and dead skin to reveal glowing skin. Also helps with stimulating collagen, fading acne scarring, smoothing skin texture AND your makeup will apply seamlessly. Please refer to the FAQ's below and be sure to follow all of the prep steps!

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Do you use wax to shape eyebrows?  

No, we choose not to wax as we feel tweezing gives us more control and a better result. We looooove that there is no chance of you getting  those annoying irritation bumps or reactions to wax, and makeup will apply smoother following your appointment.

Can you tint over my microblading/brow tattoo? 

Yes! Some tattoos/microblading can make the skin resistant meaning the stain may not last very long, however the hair stain will improve the overall look of your brows and gel the brow colour and tattoo together for a more cohesive brow!

Can you match my hair colour? 

Yes, we have several colours in the tint and henna range that can all be mixed to make the perfect colour. We can get anything from a cool blonde to black-brown.

Henna vs Microblading? 

If you are thinking of taking the step of more permanent brows, there are a few things to consider. Microblading is not 100% permanent so it will fade over a 12-18 month period and does require touch-ups. If this sounds too hard basket for you then Hybrid Tint is an excellent solution. Getting your brows done every 4-6 weeks (pain-free!) is often a much easier and cost-effective solution. Something you also need to consider is if you change your hair colour regularly then getting a permanent brow colour could prove to be an issue, as well as a lot of people still need to get their brow hair tinted to match the colour of the tattoo.


How long does a lash lift and tint last? 

Between 8-12 weeks generally! We all have a different lash cycle, with some lifts that only last 6 weeks and some that can last as long as 14 weeks. 

We recommend 8 weeks at the minimum. The lashes will start to go through their cycle around the 5 week mark and this is when your lash tint would have run its course, but don't get this confused with them being ready go to again. We ask that you return when all the lashes have completed their cycle and return back to their natural, straighter state. Sooner lifting may over process the lashes. If in doubt, contact M&Co and one of us will assist you!

Is there any aftercare? 

You should avoid getting your lashes wet/exposed to steam and product for 24 hours after the service as this can tamper with the result.

Will it damage my lashes? 

No, the only way your lashes can get damaged during a lash lift is if they are over-processed and we pay careful attention during your appointment so this won't happen in our care.

How curly will they be? 

The intensity of your curl is dependent on the rod size used, and the amount of time they are processed for. We customise these variables for each client and their individual preferences. It can take 2-3 tries to perfect them for each individual person, as we take notes and make adjustments accordingly to get the PERFECT curl.

Will I be able to wear false lashes? 

This depends on the intensity of your lash lift. A softer curl will not affect lash application, while a strong curl will make lash application very difficult.

I have sensitive and watery eyes, does this matter? 

Your lash tech will take measures to ensure this doesn't affect the lifting process. In extreme cases, watering may affect or disable the lift as the water will dilute the solution and glue.


Are all beauty services safe during Pregnancy? 

Yes! The main concern we have with most beauty treatments and pregnancy is the increased risk of an allergic reaction. During pregnancy, there are many changes going on with your body and this can increase the risk of your skin not behaving like it normally does with products. The pregnancy hormones can also alter the final result of your service, so bare with us as we find what works best for you with those changes. For women in the last few weeks of pregnancy it is not recommended to lie on your back, and for this reason your beautician will prop you up slightly and offer you a cushion for your back.


What can I expect after a lip wax or dermaplaning?

Redness and sensitivity can always be expected after having any hair removed. This can include an itchy feeling, blotchiness, slight welting and scabbing! Rest assured, this will only last up to 48 hours! Your skin may also go through a purge meaning breakouts, dryness and inflammation. We recommend being kind to your skin once you leave the appointment and follow the aftercare steps that your beautician recommends at your appointment. 

Can anyone get dermaplaning done?

Dermaplaning does work and is recommended for almost everyone! 

It is not recommended for those who have inflamed, wide spread acne, eczema, psoriasis or any other inflamed skin conditions (including cold sores and sunburn). Avoid this service if you are allergic to nickel, currently taking oral retinoids (ie. roaccutane), taking blood thinners or medications that can affect platelet function and bleeding, prone to skin cancers on the face, undergoing chemo or radiotherapy, diagnosed with herpes, hepatitis or auto immune disease or prone to keloid or hypertrophic scarring.

What is the preparation and aftercare for dermaplaning?

The 7 day lead up to your appointment should include no vitamin A, heavy sun exposure (please wear your spf 30+ or 50+ everyday, but especially on the lead up to your appointment!), chemical exfoliants, waxing or shaving. We recommend doing the same steps for the 7 days following your appointment, too! Light scabs may form on the treated area, however let them heal on their own and they will clear within 48 hours. 

Will my hair grow back thicker?

The answer is no! The sterile blade we use is removing the peach fuzz which cannot grow back thicker. Please book in for a lip wax 7-14 days prior to your appointment if you can visibly see dark, thick hair growing as dermaplaning is not designed to remove deep rooted hair.