Makeup Applications

Makeup Application $135

A one hour makeup application inclusive of individual lashes.

Creative Makeup (90 minutes) $190

This is your go-to festival or themed party makeup. Includes crazy colour, graphic liner, gemstones and glitter application, as well as false lashes! 

Creative Makeup (120 minutes) $250

This is for our character lovers who want to be transformed. Perfect for Halloween looks & character creation. Inclusive of guts and gore, minor prosthetics and materials. Of course lashes are inclusive, too! 

Just Lashes $35

An express 20 minute individual lash application.

Just Eyes $75

A 30 minute application of your desired eye makeup look, brow styling & individual lashes. You can apply your base before or after your eye application, however we do recommend you do so after for this one!

Creative Just Eyes $100

A 45 minute application of a creative eye look, brow styling & individual lashes. Includes glitter, gemstones and crazy colour. Perfect for festivals! You can apply your base before or after your eye application, however we do recommend you do so before to allow for materials to go on top!

Please submit an inquiry form if you want to book services for kids aged 12 and under. 

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Makeup Applications

Creative Makeup Applications


How do I prep for my makeup application?

We love inspo ~ You will receive a pre-appointment form so please upload any inspo pics you have or bring some along to your appointment.

Makeup Applications ~ Arrive like the clean fresh face queen you are. Exceptions if you're coming straight from a day of workin', our makeup artists can cleanse your face pre application.

Just Eyes ~ The prep would depend on your schedule. Best case, we would advise you to arrive with a clean face with or without your skincare. Our artists will do your eyes, lashes & brows. Then, you return home to apply your base, free of potential eyeshadow fallout. If you're time poor and need to do your base beforehand, your artist can apply with that in mind!