Hair Styling

Basic Hairstyle $90

This 45 minute service covers any simple styling including a bouncy blow-dry effect, loose lush waves/curls, adding volume, simple half up pinning & straightening.

Complex Hairstyle $115

This one hour service covers all up-styling including low buns and ponytails, braiding, vintage waves and creative looks.

Blow Dry Fee $20

This is an additional service to your hairstyle. Please book this service if you'd like to arrive to your appointment with damp hair for us to smooth and style. Please note* We do not offer hair washing and most hairstyles work best with day old hair.

Please submit an inquiry form if you want to book services for kids aged 12 and under. 

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Basic Hairstyles

Complex Hairstyles


How do I prep for my hairstyle?

Hair styling ~ Freshly washed and dried the evening before or morning of, depending on how quickly your natural oils come to the party. You are the master or your own hair so we trust your judgement.  

Do you wash hair? 

We do not offer hair washing. M&Co does not have basins, and we also prefer some natural oils in the hair for styling. 

We offer DRY styling only. We use a spritz of water to dampen if smoothing is required with a blow dryer.

There is a 'Blow Dry Fee' option when booking. This is if you're opting to wash and towel dry hair at home, before your appointment. Your artist will then dry and smooth your hair at the salon. This service is additional to a Basic or Complex hairstyle.

Do you sell/use clip in extensions?

If you have fine hair, are struggling to grow your hair, or simply want to make sure you can have the hairstyle you desire; we highly suggest purchasing clip-in human hair extensions. 

Please inform us prior to your booking so we can arrange an in-person colour match and advise you on pricing. If you or a member of your group booking wish to bring clip in extensions to the appointment, we must be advised prior to allow additional time. Extensions must be of a high-quality human hair to allow heat styling.