Makeup Application ~ $120 - 1hr

Includes complimentary individual lashes and application.

Just Eyes ~ $60 - 30m

Application of eye makeup, including brows & individual lashes. 

Just Lashes ~ $30 - 15m

Application of a set of individual lashes. 

Creative Makeup ~ $160 / $180 - 1.5hr - 2hr

Custom designed to your preferences, costume & colour palette. This service can be booked in a 90 min slot or 120 min slot - we are happy to advise you on what timing would be more suitable for your desired look. 

*All services have an additional Sustainable Salon fee of $2 per person.

** Just Eyes & Just Lashes are only available in salon

Basic Hairstyle ~ $85 - 45m 

Basic styling covers any simple styling including blow-dry (a style on its own account), loose lush waves/curls, adding volume, simple half up pinning & straightening.

Complex Hairstyle  ~ $110 - 1hr

This service covers up-styling, vintage styling and creative looks. Can be booked in combination our Makeup Application. 

* Please note we offer DRY styling only; purely just a spritz to dampen for any blow drying not a wash! A Blow Dry is a style on its own account - there will be additional charges & time allowance, if you want a blow-dry and then a basic style combined.  


Makeup & Basic Hair ~ $175 - 1.5hr

Director Basic Hairstyle & Makeup ~ $185 - 1.5hr

Complex Hairstyle & Makeup ~ $210 - 2hr

*All services have an additional Sustainable Salon fee of $2 per person.


We have a $2 Sustainable Salons Fee on every service. This minimizes the ecological footprint of each salon visit and supports a range of important sustainability and community initiatives. You can find out more about Sustainable Salons here.