Hair / Makeup ~ We love inspo! Send across any images of desired makeup and hair looks. This helps our team make sure we nail it for you.

Makeup Applications ~ Arrive like the clean fresh face queen you are. Obviously if you have come straight from work, we completely understand!

Just Eyes ~ The prep would depend really on your schedule. Best case, we would advise to arrive with a clean face. Our artists will do your eyes, lashes & brows. Once you return home, apply a fresh clean base free of potential fall out. In saying that, if you prefer to do your base prior your artist can apply with that in mind.

Hair styling ~ Dry and freshly washed the day before, or morning of (depending on your hair texture/washing cycle) You are the master or your own hair so we trust your judgement. Happy to discuss further upon inquiry!

Tans ~ No makeup, moisturiser or deodorant; as painful as it is! Make sure all exfoliation and shaving is done 24-48 hours before your appointment.

Lash lifts and/or tints ~ Fresh faced queens please, 100% no mascara zone.


Do you wash hair? 

We do not offer hair washing. M&Co does not have basins, and we also prefer some natural oils in the hair for styling. 

We offer DRY styling only. We use a spritz of water spray to dampen for blow drying. Please refer to our preparation homework!

Do you sell/use clip in extensions?

If you have fine, thin hair, are struggling to grow your hair fast enough for your big day or upcoming event, or simply want to make sure you can have the hairstyle you want; we highly suggest purchasing clip-in human hair extensions. 

Please inform us prior to your trial or event, so we can arrange an in-person colour match and advise you on pricing. If you or a member of your bridal party wishes to bring their own clip in extensions on the wedding day or special occasion date, we must be advised prior to allow additional time. Extensions must be of a high-quality human hair to allow heat styling.


Do you wax?  

No, we choose not to wax as we feel tweezing gives us more control and a better final result. We looooove that there is no chance of you getting  those annoying irritation bumps or reactions to wax, and makeup will go on smoother as the skin has not been affected. 

How long does Henna last?  

Typically Henna will last for 7-10 days on the skin (or longer) and 6-8 weeks on the hair. 

How long does Tint last? 

Tint will only last on the skin for a day or 2 and the hair for 6 – 8 weeks. 

Is Tint or Henna safe during Pregnancy?  

Yes, both are safe during pregnancy. The main concern we have with most beauty treatments and pregnancy is the increased risk of an allergic reaction. During pregnancy, there are many changes going on in your body and this can increase the risk of your skin not behaving like it normally does with products and having an allergic reaction. For women in the last few weeks of pregnancy, it is not recommended to lie on your back. So, for this reason, your brow tech may do your brows whilst seated. 

Can you Henna over my microblading or brow tattoos? 

Yes as microbladed and tattoo brows fade you are often left with an undertone pigment. We can Henna or tint right over the top to help conceal this often undesirable colour. 

Can you match my hair colour? 

Yes! There is a vast colour range in Henna (scroll to the bottom of this page to see the rainbow!) We have 10 shades that range from blonde to the darkest brown; plus 2 colour correctors in warm and cool. This allows us to mix the perfect shade to suit your individual hair colour. Note that Henna will be a slightly warmer tone when it is first completed - it continues to process over the next 12 hours to get the desired result. 

Tint has a smaller range of tones, but our creative brow wizards can mix up 

What is the difference between Tint and Henna? 

Henna is a natural powder dye that we mix with a saltwater solution to activate it, forming a paste. Henna takes longer to process than tint as we do multiple layers to get the desired intensity and each thin layer must dry before we apply the next one. The process generally takes 20-30mins but gives us the flexibility to easily create an ombre brow effect. The result is much more soft and natural, that lasts a lot longer. 

Tint is similar to hair dye in that we mix the tint colour with peroxide to dye the skin and hair. Tint can process on the skin quickly sometimes in as little at 20 seconds meaning that we must work fast and precise to not get a harsh result. 

Henna vs Microblading? 

If you are thinking of taking the step of more permanent brows, there are a few things to consider. Microblading is not 100% permanent and will fade over a 12 -18 month period. Quite often, depending on your technician, there can be an unattractive residual undertone colour that remains. Think of old tattoos with a blue or green undertone. Now when this happens, most people would often go get their microblading redone but this can be expensive and often painful. If you are not interested in this then Henna is an excellent solution. Getting your brows done every 2 months, pain-free is often a much easier and cost-effective solution. Something you also need to consider is if you change your hair colour regularly then getting a permanent brow colour could prove to be an issue.


How long does it last? 

Between 6-10 weeks generally! We all have a different lash cycle, with some lifts that only last 5 weeks and some that can last as long as 13 weeks. 

When can I get them redone? 

We recommend 8-10 weeks at the minimum, with all lashes having completed their cycle and back to their natural, straighter state. Sooner lifting may over process the lashes. If in doubt, contact M&Co and one of us will assist you!

Is there any aftercare? 

You should avoid getting your lashes wet/exposed to steam for 24 hours after the service as this can reduce the curl. 

Will it damage my lashes? 

No, the only way your lashes can get damaged during a lash lift is if they are over-processed. 

How curly will they be? 

The intensity of your curl is dependent on the rod size used, and the amount of time they are processed for. We customise these variables for each client and their individual preferences. 

Will I be able to wear false lashes? 

This depends on the intensity of your lash lift. A softer curl will not affect lash application, while a strong curl will make lash application very difficult.

I have sensitive watery eyes, does this matter? 

Your lash tech will ask you this before proceeding, and take measures to ensure it doesn't affect the lifting process. In extreme cases, watering may affect the lift as the water will dilute the solution.

Is it safe during Pregnancy? 

Yes.  The main concern we have with most beauty treatments and pregnancy is the increased risk of an allergic reaction. A patch test can be performed prior for peace of mind. For mothers in the last weeks of pregnancy, it is not recommended to lie on your back, so we can lay you on your side with your head facing up.


How dark will it be? 

Your tan tech will talk you through the range of tones we offer, and work out which is best for you. Processing time will also affect the final result.

Will I be orange? 

Gone are the days of the Cheeto tan! Tanning products have come a long way over the years, and  it is hard to get an “orange” tan nowadays. MineTan is an incredible range that M&Co has chosen due to its range of colours, undertones, and beautiful results.

Do I have to leave it on all night?

Nope! MineTan is a fast-developing tan. The amount of time you'll wear the initial tan before showering will be decided by your tan tech. This is generally between 1-4 hours, most are recommended to develop for 3. Once you shower, you can wear your favourite clothes, go out of the house and not stain the bed sheets!

How do I prep for my appointment?  

It is important that you prep your skin properly before your tan to avoid patches, and increase longevity. Please complete all hair removal 24hrs before your appointment. Doing a cheeky shave before your appointment can result in the tan pooling in the hair follicle (which means nasty little dark dots all over your legs!)  

Make sure you complete entire body exfoliation 2 days before your appointment. Please avoid wearing any makeup, deodorant or moisturiser to your appointment as this can affect the end result.

Is there any aftercare? 

Do not wash your hands, use hand sanitiser, or get your developing tan wet at all. After your recommended development time you will need to shower in lukewarm water, avoiding steam. Do not use body wash or shampoo/conditioner for your initial rinse. You may use them 12 hours after your first rinse. Do not use scrubs, loofahs, or exfoliating mitts for the duration of your spray tan as this will remove or affect the finish. After your shower be sure to pat dry the skin rather than rubbing.

How can I prolong my tan? 

Moisturise every day after your tan. You can use a gradual tanner to prolong your M&Co tan, we retail these in salon! We also recommend using the MineTan facial tan products, as cleansers/serums/exfoliants will wear off your face tan much quicker.