Frequently Asked Questions


Do you  wash hair? 

We do not offer hair washing, due to no basin facilites and we prefer a little bit of natural oils in the hair for styling. We offer DRY styling only; purely just a spritz of water spray to dampen for any blow drying not a wash. Please refer to our preparation homework!

Do you sell/use clip in extensions?

If you have fine, thin hair; are struggling to grow your hair fast enough for your big day / upcoming event; or you simply want to make sure you can create the hairstyle you want; we highly suggest purchasing clip in human hair extensions. Please inform us prior to your trial or event so we can arrange an in-person colour match and advise you on pricing. If you or a member of your bridal party wishes to bring their own clip in extensions on the wedding day or special occasion date, we must advised prior to allow additional time and they must be of a high quality human hair to allow heated styling.


Do you use wax?  

No, we choose not to wax as we feel tweezing gives us more control and a better final result. In our experience, it is less painful than waxing and threading. And finally, there is no chance of you getting  those annoying irritation bumps or reactions to wax. 

How long does Henna last?  

Typically Henna will last for 7-10 days on the skin (or longer) and 6-8 weeks on the hair. 

How long does Tint last? 

Tint will only last on the skin for a day or 2 and the hair for 6 – 8 weeks. 

Is Tint or Henna safe during Pregnancy?  

Yes, both are safe during pregnancy. The main concern we have withmost beauty treatments and pregnancy is the increased risk of an allergic reaction. During pregnancy, there are many changes going on in your body and this can increase the risk of your skin not behaving like it normally doeswith products and having an allergic reaction. We often recommend Henna over tint to just reduce the use of
extra chemicals on the skin. For women in the last few weeks of pregnancy, it is not recommended to lie on your back. So, for this reason,your brow tech may do your brows whilst seated. 

Can you Henna over my Micro-blading or brow tattoos? 

Yes as micro bladed and tattoo brows fade you are oftenleft with an undertone pigment. We can Henna right over the top to help conceal this often undesirable colour. 

Can you match my hair colour? 

Yes, there is a vast colour range in Henna. 10 shades are ranging from blonde to the darkest brown; plus 2 colour correctors in warm and cool. This allows us to mix the perfect shade to suityour individual hair colour. Note that Henna will be a slightly warm tone when it is first complete; it continues to processover the next 12 hours to get the desired result. 

With tinting, there are 4 main shades Black, dark brown, light brown and honey brown with 4 colour correctorsred, green, violet and graphite. Tint is not the best option for redheads or blonds with the colour selection suitedmore for brunettes. 

What is the difference between Tint and Henna? 

Henna is a natural powder dye that we mix with a saltwater solution to activate it forming a paste. Henna takes longer to process then tint as we do multiple layers to get thedesired intensity and each thin layer must dry before we apply the next one. The process generally takes 20-30mins but gives us the flexibility to easily create an ombre brow effect. The result dyes the skin and the hair justlike tint does but with a much more soft and natural result that lasts a lot longer. 

Tint is similar to hair dye in that we mix the tint colour with peroxide to dye the skin and hair. Tint can process onthe skin quickly sometimes in as little at 20 seconds meaning that we must work fast and precise to not get aharsh result. 

Henna vs Microblading? 

If you are thinking of taking the step of more permanent brows, there are a few things toconsider. Micro-blading is not 100% permanent and will fade over a 12 -18 month period. Quite often dependingon your technician, there can be an unattractive residual undertone colour that remains. If you think of old tattooswith their green undertone this is what can happen to your brows. Now when this happens most people wouldoften go get their microblading redone but this can be expensive and often painful. If you are not interested inthis then Henna is an excellent solution. Getting your brows done every 2 months, pain-free is often a mucheasier and cost-effective solution. Something you also need to consider is if you change your hair colourregularly then getting a permanent brow colour could prove to be an issue.

Lash Lift & Tint

How long does it last? 

Approximately 6-8 weeks, everyone has a different lash cycle we have some clients thatonly last 5 weeks and some that can last as long as 13 weeks. 

Is there any aftercare? 

You should avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after the service as this can reducethe curl. This also includes saunas. 

Will it damage my lashes? 

No, the only way your lashes can get damaged during a lash lift is if they areover-processed. 

How curly will they be? 

We take the time during our consultation to analyse your eye shape as well as the lengthof your lashes to choose the correct size rod for your eyes. We also make sure not to cover the entire lash withsolution which means your lashes will only be lifted and not curled into a c shape. 

Will I be able to wear falsies? 

No, unfortunately, once your lashes are curled it makes it extremely difficult toapply false lashes. It is for this reason that we don’t recommend having a lash lift before your wedding day. 

Will it affect how I do my makeup? 

If you are a big eyeliner wearer then yes it can make doing your daily makeupmore difficult. If you are a minimalist however it can be a game-changer. You quite often don’t need to wearmascara and when you do it gives a false lash effect. 

I have sensitive watery eyes does this matter? 

Yes, your lash tech will ask you this before proceeding. If youreyes water too much during the service it will mean the lash lift won’t take. In some cases, clients may just waterwhen we apply the lash rods then settle down. If this is not the case then the technician may alert you to thisissue you may not be a candidate for future lash lifts. 

Is it safe during Pregnancy? 

Yes.  The main concern we have with most beauty treatments and pregnancy is theincreased risk of an allergic reaction. During pregnancy, there is a lot of changes in your body and thiscan increase the risk of your skin and lashes not behaving like they normally do. For women in the last weeks ofpregnancy, it is not recommended to lie on your back, so we can lay you on your side with your head facing up. 

When can I get them redone? 

When you feel the curl has dropped you can get them redone again. We don’trecommend getting them done any sooner than 4 weeks after service. We have found 5 - 6 weeks is the norm.


How dark will it be? 

Your tan technician will discuss with you around your desired look before the service and assessyour natural skin tone to choose the best tan. With Minetan the longer it is left on the skin the darker the colourwill be so you may want to consider this when making your appointment time.

Will I be orange? 

No, with the development in tanning products over the years it is hard to get an “orange” tannowadays. Minetan is an incredible range and has been put through its paces before being chosen as the salon'stanning range. 

Do I have to leave it on all night?

No, we use a fast developing tan which you will only need to leave on for a fewhours before you shower. Once you shower, you can wear your favourite clothes, go out of the house and notstain the bed sheets. 

How do I prep for my appointment?  

It is super important that you prep your skin properly before your tan to avoidpatches & increase longevity. Please complete all hair removal 24-48 hrs before your appointment. Doing a cheeky shavebefore you rock in, can result in the tan pooling in the hair follicle (which means little nasty dark dots all over yourlegs)  

Make sure you complete entire body exfoliation and focus on those knees and elbows. When you come to yourappointment as painful as it may be, please avoid wearing any makeup, deodorant or moisturiser. Deodorantreacts to the tan solution, turning your tan and your underarms green. Moisturiser and makeup create a barrieron the skin resulting in lighter patches.

Is there any aftercare? 

Yes. After your recommended development time you will need to shower in lukewarmwater. Use plain water with no shower gels, scrubs, shampoos or loofahs. After your shower be sure to pat drythe skin to avoid rubbing. 

What is DHA? 

Its stands for Dihydroxyacetone. DHA is a sugar that interacts with amino acids in the top layer ofyour skin to produce pigment called melanoidins. Melanoidins is the colour that gives your skin its tannedappearance. 

How can I prolong my tan? 

Moisturize every day after your tan. Use a gradual tanner so the tan is continuallybeing topped up and your tan lasts longer. After day 5, exfoliate with a soft body polish daily, to help your skinabsorb even more moisturizer and keep it looking and feeling gorgeous. This also helps the tan fade naturally,rather than in patches.