M&Co Style Bar Education

We are forever learning and changing our makeup & hair applications. 

At M&Co, we would love to show you our tips and tricks, in the hope that, you take them away and incorporate them into your daily applications. 

In our sessions, we provide complimentary bubbles/wine & a take-home booklet. 

This booklet includes written step-by-steps, face-maps (with product lists) and some helpful makeup diagrams & information.

We can provide a tax receipt upon request.


One-on-One Lesson

In the fabulous surrounds of M&Co Style Bar, one of our artists will have an individual consultation about your individual facial features and eye shape; to work out the best look & colours for you. 

They will spend approx. 2hrs going through a look from start to finish covering face prep, eye shadow & faux lash application, foundation/base, highlight and contouring.

This can also be booked for hair styling. 

$200 for a two hour session per person.

Two-on-One Lesson

Similar to the One-on-One

Each couplet will occupy a station with one of our artists. Said artist will then demonstrate on one side of each individuals face; then each lady can do the other side herself with assistance. 

This could be done one after the other or simultaneously; whichever way the two individuals prefer to learn.

$150 for a two hour session per person. Can be booked for up to 4 couplets.

Group Workshop

More of a look-and-learn setting; our artist/s will demonstrate a look on a model. 

This look may be already chosen by our team or can be requested by the organiser. 

We can cover hair styling, creative, makeup or tips & tricks. 

$40 per person for a 1.5-2 hour session; minimum of 10 people per session.