Bridal Makeup Trial ~ $110  - 1hr - 1.5hr

Bridal Makeup Application ~ $110 - 50m - 1hr

Bridal Hair Trial ~ *same as below - 1hr

Bridal Basic Hairstyle ~  $75 - 40m 

Bridal Upstyle/Vintage ~ $100 - 1hr

Bridal Makeup & Hair Trial ~ *same as below - 1.5-2hrs

Bridal Makeup & Basic Hair Application ~ $175 - 1.5-2hrs

Bridal Makeup & Upstyle ~ $200 - 1.5-2hrs



50% Non Refundable Deposit is required to secure your booking.

If you have already secured your wedding date with a deposit, we generally advise that bridal clients book their trials around 2 months before the wedding date. Once you have purchased your dress & have a clear vision of your styling direction.

TRAVEL ~  Wedding day bookings out of salon are subject to a travel/parking fee & call out fee. Travel / call out fees are discussed upon inquiry. 

We encourage bridal parties to come in salon to; mix up their surroundings; kick back in our funky decor; savour some complimentary bubbles & potentially have several artists/stylists on deck so you can cut the prep timing right down. 

TRIAL BOOKINGS ~ For clients who have a booking pending a trial; then we advise to book a trial as soon as convenient.

We always prefer to book trials during the week, if possible, to ensure the leisure of ample time and flexibility. We like to allow a full hour for makeup trials & 1.5-2 hours for a hair and makeup trial so there is plenty of time for the consult, application & of course having a good old natter!

If you prefer to utilise the trial makeup / makeup & hair for an event or special occasion, we always try our best to fit you in. Weekends fill up quickly and often quite far in advance, so please inquire about a potential trial date as soon as you have one in mind. 

TRIAL PREPARATION ~ Once we have locked in a trial date, we love to see any inspiration images of your desired makeup and hair looks. This gives us a good indication of the style, depth & intricacy you are after.

For makeup applications; if you could simply please arrive with a clean fresh face (obviously if you have come straight from work, we completely understand!)

For hair styling; We generally request hair to be dry & washed the day before (morning or evening) just to allow for some natural oils and texture to come through. However you are the expert at your own hair and its washing cycle; for instance, if you have naturally oily hair and wash your hair daily, please wash the morning of our booking.

TOUCH UPS ~ The touch up service is flexible; your artist will meet yourself & the bridal party after the ceremony or at reception venue prior to the reception, for a makeup refresh. The touch up could include; refreshing makeup after wear & tear (from kisses, rubbing, perspiration & tears); or the option of changing lip colour or darkening eyes etc)

Your artist will concentrate on the bride first and foremost then move onto the bridesmaids in whatever time we have left. This leaves you feeling fresh and ready to take on the rest of the reception shenanigans!

TIME ALLOWANCE ~ We generally allow 45 mins - 1hr per makeup application on the wedding day plus some wiggle-room. This is dependent on the makeup style & bridal party member (e.g. we will allow more time for a bride)

For hair & makeup with one stylist; it varies depending on the complexities of the hairstyling. We generally allow 1.5hrs per person. Sometimes up to 2 hours for a bride with a complex upstyle.

Our usual formula for makeup time allowance beyond 3 faces is:

Total number of Makeups - 1 = Total Hours

i.e  5 makeups - 1 = 4 hours time allowance

We highly recommend being ready approximately 1 hour - 1.5 hours prior to departing for the ceremony. That last hour is always super hectic no matter how organised you may be. Plus it is always subject to photographer / videographer wishes.

Time is fleeting on a wedding day. We always advise to allow more time then less wherever possible. The bridal preparation doesn't have to be a race against the clock - it can be a leisurely relaxing experience where you literally have the time to stop and smell the roses!

ORDER ~ If we are applying both makeup and hair, we will generally start with hair preparation / setting then move into makeup.

For makeup applications, we will move through the party in whatever order suits and aim to do the bride’s makeup second to last or last depending on the timing & number. We will also do a round of last minute touch ups if required before we depart.

For hair-styling & makeup, we will start with the hair component (prepping, setting & up styling) then move into makeup once all the hair is complete. If vintage or down styles are on the menu, then we will leave hair to set throughout makeup applications, before completing with a final brush out & placement before final touch ups.