MANDY & GEORGIA; Brows & Lashes

MICHELLE & ERIN;  Brow, Lashes & Tan


Spray Tan ~ A custom blend of Minetan colours from sun kissed to bronzed goddess. Jump over the tan rainbow of; Caramel & Bridal, Coffee Coconut Water & Moroccan, Violet & Dark Ash, to reach a pot of golden glow. You can keep that tan glistening with a selection of aftercare; PH Tan Prep, foam tanning extenders, tanning mitts, coffee scrub & exfoliating mitt.

Lift & Tints ~ If you’re craving a lil lash zshush but don’t want to commit to lash extensions, a lift and tint is perfect for you! Everyday lash definition and wide-eyed goodness from the moment you wake up. 

Brows ~ Trying to get that #browgamestrong? Our initial brow consult includes a custom brow design & education covering; aftercare & a maintenance plan; you will then receive a brow service of your choosing. 

Our brow techs believe in tweezing, trimming & tinting to create that beautiful bushy brow we all froth over on Insta. Tinting will add that temporary extra definition (2-5 days) while its more intense sister, Henna can last up to 4-6 weeks. 

Popping Those Peepers ~ Send those natural lashes sky high & coated in ebony goodness! While you are at it, give those brows a trim, tint & tending to! Including a Lash Lift + Tint & Brow Shape + Henna. Completed in one session.


Spray Tan ~ $40 - 20m


Lash Lift ~ $60 - 50m

Lash Tint ~ $25 - 20m

Lash Lift & Tint ~ $80 - 1hr


Brow Initial Consult ~ $70 - 50m

Brow Shape ~ $50 - 20m

Brow Tint ~ $15 - 20m

Brow Henna ~ $30 - 30m

Brow Shape & Tint ~ $60 - 30m

Brow Shape & Henna Tint ~ $75 - 40m


Popping Those Peepers; 

Lash Lift + Tint & Brow Shape + Henna ~ $135 ~ 1hr